GE Optima XR656 TSL | PN - 5140713-3-Rohs
GE Optima XR656 TSL | PN - 5140713-3-Rohs

GE Optima XR656 TSL
PN - 5140713-3-Rohs

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Description: The Tube Suspension Logic (TSL) Assembly includes the TSL board and 4 servo amplifiers mounted on the board enclosed in an EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) tight enclosure. The module also consists of harnesses to interconnect the board connectors to the connectors on the enclosure. This module is mounted on the upper carriage of the OTS (Overhead Tube Support) in the Thunder system. The main functions of this assembly is to provide 4-Axis Drive/Motor Interface for Vertical, Longitudinal, Lateral, and Column-Rotation, Tube-Angulation Drive Control and Servo-Amplifier mounting and control. The assembly is powered with 38 VDC for motors, 24 VDC for logic and 24 VDC lock power. This assembly has on board power supply section for converting the external power supply to required lower voltages. This assembly can be used with Discovery XR656G2 and Optima XR646.

  • Additional Features

  • Protected by Circuit brakers

Part number: 5140713-3-Rohs
Modality: X-Ray
Manufacturer: GE
System: GE Optima XR656 

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