GE Precision 500 Saturn V2 - Odetta | PN - 2407276
GE Precision 500 Saturn V2 - Odetta | PN - 2407276
GE Precision 500 Saturn V2 - Odetta | PN - 2407276

GE Precision 500 Saturn V2 - Odetta
PN - 2407276

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Description: The Saturn V2 with updated IC board is used in P500D Aurora Systems Cabinet for IB upgrade which comes under the modality of X-Ray. This is an Aurora system cabinet without JEDI, PDU and UPS. The chassis consists of Saturn EMC computer assembly, backplane connector keying, hard disk and CD-ROM power supply connections, CD-ROM and Hard Disk to SBC Cables, Backplane to SBC Connection, Backplane to LEDs Connection, Power Supply to Fans Connection, Power Supply to Image Correction Board Cable, Fuse Harness Assembly and Installation, CD-ROM jumper configurations, hard disk jumper configuration, SBC jumper configurations and passive backplane jumper configurations. The lower level components required are the Single Board Computer, Power Supply, CD-ROM, and Hard Disk. The minimum requirements for the Saturn EMC Computer Assembly for the digital image processor used in the Precision 500D (Aretha) system. This assembly is intended for use in the Precision 500D Cabinet utilizing a 6U mounting rack. This assembly consists of digital acquisition board, digital display board, digital memory board, Digital host control 2 board, Aretha program release 37 Gitane board, Saturn ribbon cable for ICB to CCU, ICB to Gitane, VCR control, Gitane to CCU, laser printer, Image correction board, digital static image board, PC bracket, SCSI cable, Saturn CPU reset cable and required female screw locks for it. The GE product is an innovation and fit well into versatile customer needs. The part is diligently designed for superior performance and reliability. It is securely packed inside a high quality packing box to avoid physical damage during transit and labeled with details about the product, Quality Assurance (QA) seal and shipment details.

  • Additional Features

  • No sharp edges present
  • Undergone special test specifications
  • ROHS compliant component

Part number: 2407276 
Modality: Fluoroscopy
Manufacturer: GE
System: GE Precision 500 

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