GE Precision 500 P500D HV Tank / Inverter FRU |  PN - 2399944

GE Precision 500 P500D HV Tank / Inverter FRU
PN - 2399944

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Description: The Inverter + 2T High Voltage Tank is an electronic device which is being used in X-ray machines. It is a high voltage inverter and it has the 2T capacity. This high voltage inverter is used to convert Direct Current (DC) from the generator or battery in to Alternating Current (AC). This conversion of current helps to power the drive motors. Each part in this assembly is labeled for easy identification. Each label contains the part information, model number, manufacturer location, attention and caution symbols and some labels also with warning symbols. The performance standard label is also affixed on the inverter, which is written with “complies with DHHS standards 21 CFR subchapter J”. It requires less maintenance.

  • Additional Features

  • Low maintenance

Part number: 2399944 
Modality: Fluoroscopy
Manufacturer: GE
System: GE Precision 500 

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