GE Precision 500 OTS I/O Board | PN - 2331049-3-H

GE Precision 500 OTS I/O Board
PN - 2331049-3-H

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Description: The OTS (Overhead Tube Suspension) IO (Input/Output) board assembly consists of Wallstand IO Board, mechanical enclosure, cable harnesses, grounding bracket and hardware such as screws. The primary function of this assembly is to route signals from the positioner system to the peripheral electrical devices on the OTS like switch and lock signals, switch positions, and to perform diagnostics by means of the CAN open chip. Signals from the Manual OTS I/O board include potentiometer data allowing the vertical, lateral and longitudinal position sensing of the OTS. The board also detects the status of User Interface lock switches and communicates their state via the CAN bus. The board also facilitates some basic power supply diagnostics that are primarily implemented using the CAN open chip. This circuit board is packaged in a low carbon cold rolled steel enclosure which provides an EMC barrier to the assembly. This assembly can be used with Precision 500D systems. 2331049-3-H

  • Additional Features

  • Reliable, durable and highly advanced
  • ESD protected covers
  • CANopen compatible

Part number: 2331049-3-H
Modality: Fluoroscopy
Manufacturer: GE
System: GE Precision 500 

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