GE Precision 500 LH Bucky ASM | PN - 2189553
GE Precision 500 LH Bucky ASM | PN - 2189553
GE Precision 500 LH Bucky ASM | PN - 2189553

GE Precision 500 LH Bucky ASM
PN - 2189553

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Description: The MB 2000 Left Hand Medys comes as a part of a radiographic system used for imaging method diagnosis using X-Rays. It is a left hand loading reciprocating Bucky. A stream of electrons produced by X-Ray tube is accelerated to high velocities by an external high-voltage supply and collide with the target anode in the tube. The beam formed is focused on the patient, and X-Rays emerging from the patient carry the image information which can be stored on a film. The Bucky oscillates the grid during radiographic exposures to eliminate visible grid lines in radiographs. It also provides support for the ion chamber, cassette tray, and grid. It is designed for left hand loading, but is also available for right hand loading to allow the cassette tray loading from either side of the Bucky. It also consists of a single design that allows the Bucky to be configured for each side loading configuration or it consists of 2 distinct Bucky designs to achieve both loading configurations. If one design is utilized, the maximum amount of time to configure the Bucky loading shall not exceed 15 minutes.

  • Additional Features

  • Field Replacement Unit (FRU) - can be quickly and easily removed or replaced

Part number: 2189553
Modality: Fluoroscopy
Manufacturer: GE
System: GE Precision 500 

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