GE Pristina Grease Packet | PN - 2344420-2

GE Pristina Grease Packet
PN - 2344420-2

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Description: The purpose of this electrical contact lubricant is to prevent corrosion and lubricate the metallic connectors for easier maintenance and durability. Corrosion attack may come from battery acid, salt, moisture and various industrial chemical vapors in the environment which may affect the conductivity of electrical junctions and terminals resulting in unreliable performance and intermittent connectivity. This high dielectric silicone grease is used primarily in high voltage electrical wiring systems and electrical assemblies where it creates a dielectric moisture barrier on electrical equipment to protect them from environmental corrosive attacks. The grease comes in 1 gram clear vinyl disposable mini-tube, tear open top packaging. This grease is compatible for use in the assemblies of GE's Discovery IGS 520, IGS 540, IGS 620, IGS 730, and Seno Advantage systems. 5395247 

  • Additional Features

  • Lubricates And Protects Electrical Junctions, Terminals
  • Easy Tear Open Mini Tube Packaging

Part number: 2344420-2
Modality: Mammography
Manufacturer: GE
System: GE Pristina Mammography System

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