GE Optima XR220 DVD | PN - 5589296

GE Optima XR220 DVD
PN - 5589296

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Description: This CD/DVD contains LUTs are files for installing in the top cover machine. This unit consist of an iso image file that is extracted onto a disk for the purpose of installation. The operator connects the external disk drive to mobile unit, then connects the keyboard to the machine, opens the engineering GUI and enters the commands to start installation mount/mnt/cdrom (enter) (b) cd/tmp (enter) (c) cp/mnt/cdrom/*/tmp (enter) (d)./ (enter). After the installation, eject the disk and restart the mobile unit. CD/DVD is storage device which can store the required information for a long period of time can also act as a portable unit. These types of disks come in two types, one is read and writeable disk. The other one is a readable disk for security purposes. This part is widely used in XR Optima XR200amx, UL Probe, CT Revolution CT 256-Slice, XR Discovery XR656, MR Signa Optima HDxt 23 3.0T, XR Proteus XR/a, XR Proteus XR/a, XF URP Detector, XF Precision 500D, XR AMX 4, XR Definium AMX 700, XR Brivo XR285amx, XR Optima XR240amx, XR AMX 4, XR (Surgery) OEC Fluorostar 7900, XR Brivo XR515, XR AMX 4+, XR Mobile DR, XR Proteus, XF URP Detector, XF Prestilix, XR (Surgery) OEC 7700 Series, XF Legacy, XR Optima XR220amx, XR Compax 40E, XR Definium 5000, XR KM Aero DR Rad, and XR Mobile DR.

Part number: 5589296 
Modality: X-Ray
Manufacturer: GE
System: GE Optima XR220

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