GE XRD Condor UIF | PN - 2320994-R
GE XRD Condor UIF | PN - 2320994-R

PN - 2320994-R

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Description: The Overhead Tube Suspension (OTS) User interface (UIF) Console-Condor is used for radiographic imaging system which is an extremely reliable, robust and cost effective system. This UIF console is a micro-controller-based auxiliary operator’s interface used for radiographic imaging system, which is designed to control the revolution of a XR/D RAD system. The control panel controls the function of UIF console in accordance with the following governmental, safety, and regulatory standards. The operating console groups all system controls and indicators into one ergonomically designed interface and a module for X-ray control, enabling communication and electronic management of all system components. A touchscreen is used for display and selection of all parameters for exposure control and digital image filming. The pushbutton caps in UIF console are prevented from popping off during usage by gluing all pushbuttons permanently. All these button caps have different symbols indicating different functions. Various types of flashing LED indicators are controlled by the UIF console processor through CAN messages. The operating mode of auto collimator is selected by using automatic collimator mode selection switch which is backside-installed key-type switch. All parts have rounded and smooth edges, and free of all imperfections to ensure the safety and health of the operator, patient or field service personnel. It is being used in XR Proteus XR/a, XR Revolution XR/d, XM Senographe Essential, XF Precision 500D, CT Light Speed 3.X Ultra 8-Slice, XR Discovery and other systems.

Part number: 2320994-R
Modality: X-Ray
Manufacturer: GE
System: GE XRD

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