GE Optima XR220 Collimator Bulb |  PN - 5396421

GE Optima XR220 Collimator Bulb
PN - 5396421

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Description: OSRAM provides a broad range of exceptional high-performance lamps. This lamp is filled with a halogen gas inside the lamp glass that stops the blackening and slows down the thinning of the tungsten filament. Due to the halogen gas used in this bulb the gas gets quickly heated and produce high amount of light. This part is a single end type halogen lamp. This type of lamps glow with high brightness and stands for long time. They have high luminous efficacy and color temperature. Due to the temperature characteristic present in the lamp the focus spot can be viewed clearly without any irritations on the eyes. The bulb is made of very hard material due to the presence of halogen gas. This bulb is widely used in many medical equipment as per their requirements.

  • Additional Features

  • RoHS compliant

Part number: 5396421 
Modality: X-Ray
Manufacturer: GE
System: GE Optima XR220

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